Justin & Alina Transcend Genre Boundaries With “Rainbow In The Dark”

“Rainbow in the Dark” is a feel-good Pop song that infuses Rock elements that has the potential to appeal to the masses. Justin & Alina are a brother and sister Pop/Rock duo which have found a great means of taking their own unique stylistic visions and combining them to create something unique. Guitarist and singer Justin seems to offer a bit more of a “singer-songwriter” background, whilst singer Alina delivers shows a bit more of a “pop” background.

When this song kicks off with Justin’s vocals and guitar, you can feel an uplifting spirit in the presence of the music. The harmonies between Justin & Alina are ear-catching, pleasurable, and memorable. The way the song builds from short stabbing chords and singing, to a full fledged rock song in the bridge, and resolving to massive powerful acapella vocals to end is nothing short of sheer genius in terms of song dynamics.

“Rainbow in the Dark” is an excellent Pop/Rock tune that offers so much potential to reach across the boundaries of genre and attract all fans of music.

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