Justin and Alina – New Jersey Sibling’s Happy Out In The Cold

There is a certain power and symphonic majesty which a certain end of the heavy rock market revels in. The fact that those same soaring heights and sweeping grandeur can be captured by a duo working much more in a pop market is fascinating indeed. But where as those rock bands hit their crescendos through layers of power and ramped up guitars, Justin and Alina do so through a use of space and clever dynamic shifts.

There is something neo-classical in the chiming piano, something charming in the vocal restraint, something cinematic in the scope of the song but whereas those bombastic rock bands would deliver their goods in a blast of sonic overload, Alina reaches the same musical peak in a cleaner and more refreshing way. It is a song that you can imagine being the encore of the last night of a summer festival, the sun is starting to set and all eyes and ears are focused on this song. In music, just as life size isn’t everything but sometimes you stumble across music which is both big and clever, Out In The Cold is just such a song.


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