Justin Adijanto – ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ featuring Jessica Gelinas and Voel

Justin Adijanto, Jessica Gelinas and Voel’s latest collaborative 3-track single, ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’, practically lays out the welcome mat to make you feel right at home in the immersive indie RnB pop release.

The radio-ready singles, produced by Jakarta-born producer Justin Adijanto, ooze contemporary appeal by toying with moody and muddy tones and nestling shimmering synths in between. With the RnB infusion manifesting through Jessica and Voel’s vocals and instrumentally through the funk-laden grooves, the potency of the soul parallels the infectiousness of the melodies. The standout track has to be, ‘Crazy’; a highly relatable admission of the mania that comes to the surface when it comes to romantic disparity.

Ctrl Alt Delete is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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