Just Love makes ‘No Promises’

Just Love

Hailing from Long Island, New York, Just Love’s knack for narrative lyrics started out as a penchant for short-story writing; switching that word-craft from prose to song-writing, spinning colourful, evocative verses and catchy little hooks in the style of Drake, The Weeknd, or Jay Z.

‘No Promises’ is Just Love’s debut single, produced by the perennial Lucas Quinn; it’s chilled, pulled-back, JL’s flow sitting tidily atop swelling synth parts and stop-start old-school hi hat beats. There’s an easy confidence about the track, rolling vocal delivery meshing tidily with the backing, the whole thing grooving and grinding in equal measure; ‘No Promises’ might be Just Love’s debut, but despite the title this certainly shows promise for the future.

Check out Just Love here.

Review by Alex Holmes

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