Just Flare releases Dragonfly Hunters: A magical and calming piece of music

Three-piece Indie Rock band Just Flare have dropped their recent single ‘Dragonfly Hunters’ . It’s safe to say that this trio is exactly what 2020 needed, a revised and fresh take on the popular genre and they nailed it.

The style is so nostalgic, it’s calming and it’s so interesting to listen too. From the vocals, to the instrumentation to the overall sound, it truly is a brilliant piece of music. A light strum on the acoustic guitar,as Hannah Lawes comes in with her modulated vocals, using a wide range of light tones,

Halfway through the same guitar tune plays this time a hard-hitting drum beat is added as the pitch of the vocals gets higher and you get a little more insight into the Rock style this band offers. The instrumentation almost gives off this fantasy sound as in your running through the woods, it tells a story with the use of instruments, it’s such an intriguing song to listen too and the vocals are incredible.

Just Flare sure knows how many insane Indie Rock hits and it’s one that stands out in many ways, you must check out this band, we can’t wait to see what they do next!

Be sure to check out Just Flare’s new single Dragonfly Hunters by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

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