Juracán – Ardillas: Piercingly Concordant Neo Classical

Juracán’s (AKA Pierre Carbuccia) single ‘Ardillas’ off his latest 4-track EP gets off to a little bit of a shaky start, yet once the piano chord progressions have settled and the rhythmic concordance has taken a hold, you’re already too far into the waves of catharsis which the resonance over the track bleeds. When you reach the midway point of this track, the power of the melody really strikes a chord as the track moves through it’s fluid progression into a melancholy steeped composition. I’m not even ashamed to admit I shed a tear before the solo piano piece concluded.

Just where has Juracán been hiding that talent? Believe it or not, Juracán is a self-taught pianist, which is just one instrument he lends his deft hands to, since moving from the Dominican Republic to Portland he’s produced this breath-taking piece in 2015. I think I might have to beg for a 2018 release.

You can get lost in Juracán’s soundscapes yourself by heading over to Spotify and listening to the Neo-Classical debut which is Lon Brei.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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