Junro – Do Or Die – What Happens When Pop-Punk Meets Prog Metal And Math?

Junro is an exciting rock band with a truly innovative approach. Their sound could be described as a blend of post-punk, math and alternative rock. Think Fall Out Boy covering This Town Needs Guns borrowing equipment from The Foo Fighters!

The band members have very different musical backgrounds, yet they managed to find many overlapping things in common, which allowed them to join their respective influences into something truly unique.

This talented band recently released a brand new single titled “Do Or Die.” The track showcases a direct and slick production value, with crystal-clear harmonies, full-on guitar tones, thick drums and deep bass tones. The production really allows every element of the band to thoroughly stand out, making for a very in-your-face, yet sophisticated tone.

The track is featured on the band’s new EP, “Throwing Stones,” which is currently receiving praise, thanks to its anthemic hooks and sophisticated song arrangements. Do not miss out on new releases, gigs and activities from this New England band and stream “Do Or Die” via Youtube, where the song is available in the form of a beautifully filmed video.

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