Juiice Spinna resists the purple urge on pill-filled new single, ‘Diamond Mines’

As he pops another one down his soaked stomach to make sure that the party is going to be even wilder than he thought, Juiice Spinna shows us into his world away from the purple temptation with his visuals for ‘Diamond Mines‘.

Juiice Spinna is a Miami-born, New York-raised indie Hip hop artist who makes the type of vibe that is completely original and packed with real-life stories.

The music is my way of telling you what I’ve experienced, what thoughts constantly race through my mind on a day to day basis and it’s what I want to hear.” ~ Juiice Spinna

This is a rapper who opens us up to a world that is away from the norm and has been constructed in a way that many will relate to many who chose to break from society for a few hours at a time. Juiice Spinna spits stories that are loaded with exciting accounts, witty lyrics, and a bouncy beat that shall have you admiring someone who is truly being himself and not trying to act like anyone else.

Diamond Mines‘ from Miami-born, New York-raised indie Hip hop solo artist Juiice Spinna, is a magnetic video that has us supremely engaged by a thought-provoking artist who has made a cult name for himself due to his storytelling and doing things his way. Taking us on a ride that has you seeing inside a mind that is currently under the influence of a power that can take your consciousness into a different place, we find a rapidly-projected release that will certainly shake up the underground.

Check out the visuals on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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