JSPH – Reasons: EDM inspired R&B Soul

When it comes to R&B and Soul the first thing that comes to mind is never going to be solid beats, for the most part, they sound like they’ve been created as an after thought for a platform for overly romantic crooners to lay down their vocals on.

But God damn JSPH put as much passion, momentum and energy into his beats as he did his vocals, the end result leaves you absolutely stumped. Better yet, the lyrics actually resonate with you and carry a depth of emotion that not many urban artists can pour into the mic.

Straight from the prelude it’s evident that JSPH isn’t your ordinary R&B artists trying to assimilate archaic sounds or trying to appeal to contemporary mainstream. With his music he revives the classic R&B style through his sonorously sweet vocals over filthily dubbed EDM beats. It really is no wonder why the Cincinnati, US based performing artist is already gaining his deserved notoriety for his latest single.

You can check out JSPH’s latest drop Reasons over on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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