JsapDaMusikNerd serves up Futuristic Dance Pop with Latest Mix “SummaWav”

Futuristic EDM Pop producer JsapDaMusikNerd’s latest mix “SummaWav” hasn’t failed to amass plenty of attention from fans looking for the freshest summer beats to add to their playlists. Despite the momentum contained within “SummaWav” the single is still smoothly melodic through each ebb and flow of euphoria. The female Pop vocals also offer an incredible dynamic to the mix, while they don’t offer a strong narrative, they’re incredibly effective when it comes to pouring plenty of sun-kissed imagery into SummaWav.

The incredibly danceable beats which were cooked up by the Kansas City-based artist allow you to appreciate a simple, yet incredibly immersive soundscape. Usually, when artists incorporate futurism into their tracks, the accessibility can be stifled. Yet, with over 100k streams on SoundCloud alone, it’s safe to say that plenty of listeners would agree with me.

You can check out JsapDaMusikNerd’s latest mix SummaWav for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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