JOZUA knows that the sensual touch will change everything on ‘Diamond Eyes’

Transmitting us into a whole new dazzling galaxy that has our thriving hearts alive with excitement, JOZUA returns with an exquisite single that will have our temperatures raised to unimaginable levels with ‘Diamond Eyes‘.

JOZUA is a Leicestershire, UK-based EDM producer who makes that back-shivering type of music that has your senses alive with such vigour that you won’t be able to forget this moment in a hurry.

With a single that was almost shelved away and left for dead forever in the dusty drive, JOZUA certainly makes up for lost time on a track that has your attention firmly planted in the roots of such a striking experience. The beat is quality and the vocals have you shivering in excitement, as you float away and smile happily to yourself through this joyous release.

Diamond Eyes‘ from Leicestershire, UK-based EDM producer JOZUA, is a spark-loaded single for all those dreamy lovers out there who have seen that person who has your mind alive with ideas. Sending us a sizzling song that might cause unforeseen emotions to belt out of your fluttering heart, as you imagine that human who stokes so much fire into your thoughts whenever you see them.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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