Jott has released an aural sign of our anxious times with “Terrified”

It isn’t uncommon for Rap artists to make no bones about how utterly tragic the world is. But some artists have that special ability to touch a nerve and let the empathy spill. Up and coming Hip Hop artist Jott possesses that very same evocative superpower.

In their latest album “Rough Draft” you’ll hear raw candid introspective versed with absolute conviction within a soundscape which blends Old School vibes with layers contemporary Trap. The best introduction to Jott’s distinctive approach to Hip Hop is the standout single “Terrified”. The single resonantly alludes to the fear and uncertainty which so many of us have to deal with, day in, day out. But there are very few artists who can paint that picture of well-rationalised anxiety as well as Jott.

You can check out Terrified along with the rest of the soberingly raw album from Jott for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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