Josie – Confusion: A great storytelling and pop music aren’t mutually exclusive

‘Confusion’ is a Jose’s debut pop single. This music has lyrics that can help anyone suffering from rejection to find hope.

An outlet for her own songwriting and experimentation, it’s with no doubt a different creative art which relies not-so heavily on synths and processed sounds but on a succinct message with a strong vocal that tends to make the listeners understand that rejection is meant to make them stronger, not break them.

Although Confusion’s delicate textures aren’t enhanced by acoustic instruments, or drums but rather a unique storytelling style which is so very eventful and enthralling.

Josie is a soft-spoken songstress who can touch your heart with her gentleness. If your relationship has hit its tombstone or you’ve witnessed cheating in a relationship then you’ll definitely relate to this song very well. The voval power of the artist is so clear and very strong.

Throughout, very human lyrics, wistful intervals, a mechanical palette, and components that are sometimes altered to confuse organic and inorganic make for an elegant synth art-pop. Like the world her lyrics inhabit, it is icy and intimate at once.

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