Joshua Page – In a World Where Women Love Zombies: Quintessentially Raucous Lo Fi Rock.

How could you not be drawn to a track titled In a World Where Women Love Zombies? Turns out, Joshua Page’s talents go even further than coming up with ingenious track titles. His quintessentially raucous Punk Rock soundscapes had me awash with nostalgia through the reminiscence to iconic punk acts while at the same time, sharing soundwaves with popular Lo Fi bands such as Fidlar, Wavves & Best Coast. In short, Joshua Page’s sound is nothing like I’ve heard before, underpinning a genre on his electric sound almost felt blasphemous. The vocals to the track could only be described as a projection of subtle yet melancholically instilled angst which is cathartically captivating to get caught up within. Joshua Page’s experimental, prodigal style is one that I could never tire of. It’s not often that playful passion translates so succinctly over the soundwaves. Whilst Lo Fi angular Art Rock may not be to everyone’s taste, Joshua Page’s single In a World Where Women Love Zombies definitely left me with the appetite to devour the rest of his debut album.

You can check out In a World Where Women Love Zombies from Joshua Page’s self-titled album on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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