Joshua Dairen poured a smorgasbord of soul onto the airwaves with their latest single “Black and White”

There’s a serious serving of soul in breaking RnB Neo-Soul artist Joshua Dairen’s latest single Black & White.

Despite their modernistic approach to Soul, you’re still hit with the same resounding levels of emotion as you’d find in tracks from pioneering artists. From the first verse, you’ll be hooked in by the poetically candid lyrics which get increasingly more profound as Black & White progresses.

Joshua Dairen’s harmonically pitch-perfect deep vocals find perfect synergy with the Electronically orchestrated beats which borrow nuances of EDM, Pop and Hip Hop for a dynamic genre-transcending sound. In short, Black & White is a perfectly well-rounded track which drips with universal commercial appeal.

You can check out Joshua Dairen’s track Black & White for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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