Josh Breezzyy – Outer Space ft. Vanja Jelača: The Rhythmic Approach to Pure Poetry

When pretty much every lyric being a mic drop moment, digesting the magnality of Josh Breezzyy’s latest track Outer Space is pretty much impossible on the first listen of his stand out single featuring Vanja Jelača. The contrast of Vanja’s haunting vocals against Breezzyy’s relentless lyrically perfect Rap renditions creates a compelling dynamic to the track that most Hip Hop artists could only dream of. The lyrics in Outer Space are just pure poetry, his rhythmic approach to Rap is more than enough to immerse you into the narrative of the track. Whilst it could be loosely classified as a love song, Outer Space is so much more. Josh Breezzyy bares his soul to the world through the lyrics of this track in a domineeringly spectacular way that I can honestly say I’ve never heard the like of before. The East Cost tortured Rap artist has been blowing up the underground Rap scene since 2014 with his major releases Gone But Not Forgotten and Something About You yet, I have no doubt that his 2018 debut Outer Space will put him on the map.

You can check out Josh Breezzyy’s track Outer Space featuring Vanja Jelača on Spotify now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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