Joseph – Right Now: A Sonically Inspired Hip Hop Experience

There are some Hip Hop Rap artists that command infinite respect from the first verse, and Joseph is probably up there were the best of them after his latest debut track Right Now.

The beat to Right Now, makes every other track I’ve ingested recently seem weak, I don’t use the word ‘lit’ very often but damn, Joseph is worthy of it. The beat behind his track is a riddle of EDM inspired synth and drum machines that don’t just exist to fill in the spaces around Joseph’s frankly beautiful vocals. So, I guess you could call Right Now a sonic Hip Hop EDM hybrid, which lets you feel Joseph’s relentless Rap flow which seamlessly switches up and down in synergy with the beat.  Right now, I’d go as far to say that emerging lyricist and MC Joseph is putting out the best beats on the Miami underground.

Right Now is just one of the tracks from Joseph’s latest EP Coming of Age, each of the 7 tracks are absolutely flawless. You can check out the EP on SoundCloud or Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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