Jordzn : A Sonorous Cool Hip-Hop / Rap Jam

This song is definitely of the most intriguing song I’ve heard in a while. Everything was well laid and perfectly tuned. The delivery of the song comes correct with an A+.

I listened to this song a coupled of days ago and I’m convinced that this artist really knows his craft so damn well. I’ll say that one of the most intriguing musical trends of 2018 was the return of optimism to hip-hop. Sure, club anthems and their matching dance crazes are still turning up, but a true sense of joy and hope has been largely missing from mainstream rap in recent years.

This song has a sonorous beat and drives home the point effortlessly. it’s all about the good vibes, the beat,  the message and what the audience felt while taking a listen to a song.

Without any strewn of mixed assertions, Jordzn is really a talented rapper whose willpower is  propelled by his talent and confident style of music making. This song is so easy to get on with. You probably might catch yourself singing along in a nod.

The beat of the song isn’t too heavy and it isn’t cliché as well. The end game of this song will appeal to you in everywhere as the song is mainly inspired by the lure of fame and the bliss of romance and carnal love.

The artist also have a very clear vocal, and above all his style of rap in this song is  infectious. The only shortfall was the length of the song. I don’t know why but this music could have at least been pushed more further to accommodate some few more minutes and probably another verse.

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