Jonathon Holder & The Good Thinking: Count Your Blessings: Archaically Indulgent Soul Pop

Forgive my ignorance, but it genuinely hadn’t been brought to my attention that tracks as overwhelmingly soulful as “Count Your Blessings” by Jonathon Holder & the Good Thinking were still being produced. The archaically indulgent Soul Pop track has a timelessly sentimental feel which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Tarantino soundtrack. With the band’s ability to make up vibe soundscapes this infectious, I can imagine that many more people will be unravelling the mesmeric allure of their decadent style pretty soon. If you need a soundtrack to remind you to practice gratitude, there probably isn’t a sweeter one than Count Your Blessings.

You can check out Jonathon Holder & the Good Thinking’s latest single Count Your Blessings for yourselves from the date of the track’s release on November 30th

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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