Jojamgah Releases Hypnotic Psychedelic Track “Eureka Flashback”

Jojamgah is one of those artists who’s sound does just cannot be categorised or put in a box. His music is a blend of several various elements which all come together to form a homogeneous hypnotic sound that is capable of taking the listener on an auditory journey. But this is not all. The music also carries meaning within the lyrics and blends the vocal parts into the atmospheric musical texture. “Eureka Flashback” is in fact the perfect example for this concept.

Being essentially the artistic expression of a conversation between a man and a woman “Eureka Flashback” features vocal parts which are manipulated and processed to blend in perfectly with the instrumental texture seamlessly, rather than stand out and shine above the rest of the music. The song, which is in fact the first single from the new dark comedy sci-fi musical “Attack Of The Sex Robots,” is rich in guitar sonorities, digital effects and hypnotic floating sounds which create the psychedelic final sound. Although very abstract and dreamlike, “Eureka Flashback” is capable of captivating the listener’s attention through a very creative artistic vision which blends the human voice with a more digital texture. Check it out now !

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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