Johnny Rock Band rock out with a fun party vibe on ‘Hotdog on a Stick Song’

Johnny Rock Band rocks in with the summer special ‘Hotdog on a Stick Song‘.

Growing up in Encinitas raised on music, art, surfing and avocados. Tate Sanderson aka Johnny Rock loves being with his trusty guitar and also never cutting his hair. Life is too short to care about that. He would attend surf P.E. in the morning then turn in a song he wrote for credit in English class later in the day.

A dream, a guitar and a lot of ambition tossed Johnny onto the highway of life, touring the U.S, Mexico and over in Japan. He had been dreaming of playing all over the world and this has turned into a reality.

Johnny Rock Band rolls in with his new song Hotdog on a Stick Song‘ and this is a fun story. This is all about having a good time and not worrying too much. This is a great message and an ode to making 2020 better. Music and life should be enjoyed. I love the cruising vibe here and the solos are fantastic. I could imagine watching this band at a sweaty festival and rocking out to them.

Stream here on Spotify to hear more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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