Johnathan Christian – Car Crash Romance: Ominously Indulgent Post-Punk


I can’t quite remember the last time a prelude to a track filled me with the same amount as nervous anticipation as what I palpitated through after hitting play on the latest single from the Post-Punk powerhouse Jonathan Christian.

After the eerie creeping tonality coming from keys and synth, “Car Crash Romance” certainly doesn’t disappoint as it brings in a new fresh darker wave of doom and morbidity.

Despite the synergy of the instrumentals and electronic effect, there was a sense of volatility behind the single. It’s the aural equivalent to falling in love with Ted Bundy, and I’m definitely here for it. Even with the ominous indulgence, Car Crash Romance carries the same stylistic sensibility which you could expect from the likes of Joy Division and Depeche Mode.

If anyone has the right to take the reigning Goth crown from Peter Murphy, it’s Christian Granquist for his mesmeric snarls. Describing Car Crash Romance as entrancing really wouldn’t be a stretch; it’s the darkest most danceable Post-Punk I’ve heard this side of the 80s. The single pulls together the same instrumental euphoria as bands such as Covenant, VNV Nation, and And One, yet with their own unique style, they infused caustic Post Punk which any fans of the Editors are sure to appreciate.

You can check out Johnathan Christian’s latest single Car Crash Romance for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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