John William Watkins – The Oracle: Eccentrically Sticky-Sweet Ukulele-Led Minimalist Folk

I’m calling it as an irrefutable fact that the world would be a better place with more ukulele players appearing on the charts. Repping for the small and mighty piece of wood and plastic is John William Watkins with his latest single “The Oracle” which any fans of Amanda Palmer’s album of Radiohead covers on ukulele are sure to appreciate.

The Folk singer-songwriter draws a melancholic tone through the eccentrically sweet solo progressions of the ukulele creating a melody which runs in synergy with his sweet and teasingly satirical lyrics which make the Oracle that little bit more endearing.

In true Folk style, you’re treated to viscerally compelling imagery in the lyrics, which don’t just threaten to resonate, from the first verse you don’t have much of a choice about going along for the sticky-sweet melodic ride.

You can check out John William Watkins’ latest single the Oracle for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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