John William Watkins – Mr. Porter: Creepingly Quaint Indie Folk

“Mr. Porter” is the quaintly captivating latest single from up and coming recording artist John William Watkins who doesn’t overly concern themselves with creating archetypal melodies. Instead, John William Watkins infuses the instrumentals with strokes of ingenuity around his almost spoken word versing in Mr. Porter.

Even though the pacing falters frequently, the immersivity in the single goes uncompromised as you are waiting for the next snippet of the story to Mr. Porter around the gentle pulls of the acoustic guitar.

Mr. Porter may not be the most accessible of tracks to people who don’t appreciate artful aural experimentalism, but for those that do, you’ll get to enjoy 5 minutes of enamouring guitar and lyrical progressions which combine to bleed pure catharsis and imagery.

You can check out John William Watkins latest single Mr. Porter for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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