John Marcello – KOOKOO: Stylishly Slick Hip Hop

John Marcello has just dropped his freshest Hip Hop Rap track yet. KOOKOO is a high-vibe Trap mix with a haunting edge that creates the perfect tone for him to lay down his personable vocal style. Whilst I absolutely adored the beat and John Marcello’s rhythmic Rap bars, I could find no connection to the lyrics in the track, there appeared to be no discernible message riddled within the lyrics, which for me, let the track down a bit. However, as an emerging artist John Marcello has an infectious vibe which he breathes into all of his music. I can’t rate the Chicago, US based artist and producer’s beats enough. To help polish off his latest track Marcello teamed up with renown producer J. Mixx to create a stylishly slick beat, despite the track being about going crazy the track is almost minimalist, making it the perfect track to vibe out to.

If you like your Hip Hop gritty, you can check out the official music video to John Marcello’s latest single KOOKOO which was released on YouTube on April 29th, 2018 now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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