John Evergon – Seeds of Change: Meet Your New Progressive Guitar Hero

Constellation of Thoughts by John Evergon

With a rhythm which will confuse your own heartbeat, it’s safe to say that John Evergon’s latest guitar piece “Seeds of Change” will leave you arrested. Breath-taking seems like an understatement for the first single from the Portland-based instrumentalist’s upcoming album “Constellation of Thoughts”.

You may think that’s a surprising name for an instrumental album with no lyrics, yet, the guitar progressions don’t leave much room for vocals. Seeds of Change will leave some of the most highly self-acclaimed of guitarists with plenty of fingerpicking envy.

John Evergon’s ability to create sound a rich, warm melody which is constantly evolving is practically unparalleled – especially amongst those so fresh from inception.

As you listen to Seeds of Change unfold, your brain almost wants to believe that it is ingesting more instruments than the guitar alone as your mind tries to keep up with the sporadic jumping between fingerpicking patterns and timings.

Capturing the potent amount of emotion which is orchestrated by an acoustic guitar is almost impossible. Although, it’s fairly telling that my chest feels infinitely heavier after listening to the explorative track.

You can check out John Evergon’s latest release Seeds of Change for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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