Johanna Klingfors – This Hurt of Mine: The Soulfully Anachronistic Singer of 2018

Johanna Klingfors anachronistically visceral latest single This Hurt of Mine will audibly transport you back in time where vocal offerings were as prolifically sultry and as soulful as her own. Sadly, the Pop genre has glossed over the decadent bluesy timeless styling, yet as long as there are artists such as Johanna taking hold of the vintage sound to weave a creative contemporary spin around it I wouldn’t say we have it all too bad.

With a 1920’s inspired, funk and groove addled, rhythmically dizzying acoustic backing This Hurt of Mine carries a concordantly resonant waves of emotion separate to the lyrics. But let’s be honest, even if Johanna was versing the ingredients of a microwave lasagne you’d still be captivated. So, her ability to pensively pen raw and personable lyrics is just the icing on the cake when it comes to Johanna Klingfors.

You can check out Johanna Klingfors latest single This Hurt of Mine for yourself by heading over to YouTube.

This Hurt of Mine was the second release from Johanna’s EP ‘My Soul, the Blues & Other Stories’, you can find out more about her music by going across to her official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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