Joey Sherman – Uninvited Change: A Melodic Progressive Twist on Post Punk

There was no forgetting Joey Sherman after hearing his single Indian Summer at the start of 2018, and he didn’t let 2018 draw to a close without releasing another stunningly cathartic single.

“Uninvited Change” dropped on December 23rd, and once again he’s created a sound so genre defying that it almost makes you wonder if he curated it to leave music journalists a little stuck when it comes to encapsulating the progressive sound.

What you won’t usually find in arrangements which let the instrumentals lead the way is a feeling of soulful euphoria, but with Uninvited Change there’s no denying that the passion and energy put into the track doesn’t hit you. There’s no need for candid lyrics, just the synergy between the piano and rhythmic electric guitar riffs.

Even with the lo fi production on the track the hypnotic potency of the melody goes uncompromised. If you could imagine a mash up between the Beatles and Post Punk bands such as Magazine and PIL, you’d get an idea of just how mesmerizingly refreshing the single, and you’ve got seven whole minutes to immerse yourself in the soundscape which seems to pull you in deeper with each progression.

You can check out Joey Sherman’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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