Joe Richmond – Uber Can’t Find the Farm: Authentic Country Blues Straight from the Farm… Literally.

Joe Richmond’s latest single “Uber Can’t Find the Farm” reminds you of the very reason music exists.

Music should always be an olive branch of similarity to grasp with lyrics serving the purpose of reminding you that no matter how different we are, there’s commonality found between all of us. For their latest single, Joe Richmond has used his talent to allude to the frustrations of Uber mishaps. The Country single is so pure in its essence, you can’t help but be endeared by the stripped back to basics acoustic guitar and Bluesy Americana vocals.

The authentic Country Blues track was recorded at the very farm featured in the verses of Uber Can’t Find the Farm. While many producers may reel at the thought, it was overwhelmingly cathartic to hear the rustle of the trees add to the atmosphere as the track progressed.

You can check out the authentically Country recording of Uber Can’t Find the Farm for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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