Joab Nevo – Delicatex: Archaically Concordant Lo Fi Art Rock

There are very few contemporary Indie recording artists who can create the same intoxicating vibes as iconic acts such as the Strokes, the Zombies and the Kooks. Yet, with his latest single ‘Delicatex’ Joab Nevo proved that with his deft acoustic command that the archaic resonant sound that we have all come to love is one that can be brought back to life with a conceptually fresh new approach.

Joab Nevo’s inventive use of spatial effects in the sound design hits you straight from the prelude as the sporadic bassline sets the perfect tempo for the track around the reverberation of the deep moreish beats. Whilst the track is instrumentally and lyrically flawless I would love to hear just a touch more emotion from the vocals to really allow the sentiment behind the track to resonate. The muddy reverb which swamped the track made the connection to the vocals a little difficult to maintain. Having said that, Delicatex has a captivating way of drawing you into the melody and simultaneously offering waves of pure catharsis.

You can check out Joab Nevo’s latest single Delicatex on SoundCloud now.

To keep up to date with Joab’s latest releases connect with the Lo Fi artist via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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