Jiwhan Kim drops some ephemeral ambiance with ‘Suicidal Starlight’

Opening with some seriously emotive koto-like strings before the beautiful female vocal kicks in, backed by some ephemeral sounds and those haunting picked string notes, ‘Suicidal Starlight’ is the opening track from Indiana-based producer-singer-songwriter Jiwhan Kim’s new EP ‘World’.

Trancey, Ambient, and otherworldly, ‘Suicidal Starlight’ is a beautiful track, spacy and relaxing yet uplifting and hopeful all at once. Kim aims to become a world-class producer and composer, and on the basis of ‘Suicidal Starlight’, and the rest of ‘World’, he’s on exactly the right trajectory.

You can hear ‘Suicidal Starlight’, and the rest of the ‘World’ EP, on Spotify. Check out Jiwhan Kim on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

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