Jimmy Wit An H Releases “Ocean” Ft. BLVKSTN (Prod. HippiHollywood)

Jimmy Wit An H is a rap artist with a very eclectic and innovative approach. His music is direct and punchy, yet refreshingly experimental. The melodies on his recent release, “Ocean”, are glitchy and unpredictable, with a lot of cool pitch-shifting effects and really great beats.

The arrangement is initially sparse, but the song gains more depth and momentum as it goes along. It eventually, evolves into a full-on beat, with a powerful feel. The low-end textures are spot on, while the snare tones are crunchy and direct.

The song of this release is a great example of what happens when artists push the boundaries of hip-hop to create something personal and innovative.

In some ways, this songs make me think of some of the most innovative work from artists like Jay Z or Kendrick Lamar, but Jimmy Wit an H certainly has a personality of his own, which is really outstanding and intriguing – totally compelling listeners to want more!

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