Jiggyfromthesouf Releases His Reverberantly Raw Hip Hop Trap Album “BEDBOUND”

Up and coming Hip hop Rap artist Jiggyfromthesouf has recently released his reverberantly raw debut album “BEDBOUND”. While the South London based artists may have been making waves since 2015 with his unique amalgamation of Hip Hop and Trap, with BEDBOUND he’s sure to create an aural tsunami. From the very first track you get a taste for the talent in his stylistic beats which pack plenty of bass around the intricacy of the progressions of the sound. And sitting in perfect synergy to the electronic instrumentals are the Rap bars and Trap style vocals which constantly get switched up to ensure that no twist in the track is predictable.

Who knows, maybe Old School Hip Hop traditionalists will even find a way to appreciate Trap through the prodigally-inspired mixes Jiggyfromthesouf has cooked up with his latest release.

You can check out the latest release from Jiggyfromthesouf for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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