Jibba James – Forced Conversations: The Ultimate Taste of Indie Revelry

Jibba James new track Forced Conversations, In a nutshell is subsequently disappointing if you’re looking for polished and authentic indie ensemble, however if you’re looking for something raw, natural and rhythmic you’re in for a treat.

The sound is as minimalist as it comes. Just one man and his guitar taking you on a journey through his own plaintive pain and misery. In a way it’s rare to hear someone so unadulterated as Jibba James, however, there isn’t much that sets the acoustic singer song writer apart from the other acoustic indie musicians that are filling up the soundwaves.

It sounds like every other track that you would hear as you walk down the high street in whatever city you’re from, it’s not that I want to detract from the talent that is on display in his latest track Forced Conversations, but I feel as though it’s not enough to really invoke any sense of feeling through the soundwaves if you listen to this track at home.  Grandiosity certainly isn’t his style as he allows his tracks to progress with angst, revelry and sonorous acoustic effects.

If you’re a fan of minimalist indie, head on over to YouTube to listen to his latest track now!


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