Ji_Cue_Smoov3 – Otay: Ride the Flow

Otay is the latest Hip Hop Rap drop from the notoriously acclaimed emerging artist Ji_Cue_Smoov3. Even before the intro has slid into first verse, you’re already in admiration of the bounce that is packed into the fresh beats. It’s safe to say that not many Hip Hop artists have the same ability as Ji_Cue_Smoov3 when it comes to packing a punch with his drops. What’s even more admirable is the Rap artist’s ability to fit a well-rounded track into a 1:60-minute-long mix.

The Brooklyn, US born artist’s high-vibe approach to hard-hitting Hip Hop comes to life through symphonic beats which almost carry a retro feel, the 808’s take a backseat while the synth’s lead the melodies and Ji_Cue_Smoov3 layers the track with his relentless Rap verses. As hard-hitting as Otay may be, the track still sits at the perfect tempo for you to kick back and appreciate the alchemic vibe which has been cooked up by the Hip Hop culinary master.

You can check out Ji_Cue_Smoov3’s latest track Otay for yourselves by heading over to Spotify keep up to date with all the latest Mixtapes by following Ji_Cue_Smoov3 on Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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