Jeyhan – GAMES: Pioneering Prodigal Pop

It’s a rare feat to find a R&B Pop act that infuses so much potent passion into their music. Jeyhan Turker is a rare breed of artist that commands an infinite level of respect with his music, his latest release GAMES is no exception. We’re always being told to respect our elders, to pay tribute to the roots of our music, but when a 16 year old Pop artist is this good I think he deserves some Kudos.

Leesburg, Virginia Singer Songwriter Jeyhan has perfected his enviable talent through his own domineering takes on Pop classics, from Ed Sheeran to Kate Bush. Yet, it’s with his latest debut track that he showcases his true talent, and truly comes into his own with this heart wrenching pensive ballad. The track is left as a naturally raw and overwhelming mix of urban music fused with Pop ballads to create a truly unique vibrancy that I have no doubt will see Jeyhan joining his idols on the Pop podium further down the line with his music career.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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