Jerms And Layne Are Giving In To Real Music One Note At A Time!

With Layne’s beautifully soul infused voice, giftedly written and relevant lyrics, illustrious production by Jerms, and subtle undertones reminiscent of 90’s soul music “Giving In,” is definitely a track worth listening to. The song opens up with a mellow intro, but systematically rises to an up-tempo flow of love. It’s heartfelt, something music these days is lacking and that’s what sets it apart.

This piece has such a magnetizing feeling, with brilliant instrumentation acting as the driving force behind the track. The drum cadence is relaxed but steady, coupled with some incredible synthesized sounds, electric piano, and a climatic vocal presence from Layne dancing all over the track, ultimately providing the listener with a smorgasbord of musical delight beyond the cliché of today’s music.

This track is so much more than I anticipated, it defies genre classification, it’s vibrant and truly a music fan’s dream. “Giving In,” is more than just a track, it’s more than a musical score it’s a break from the norm and a view of something extraordinary, do yourself a favor and take a listen.

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