Jennifer Zhang Releases Dreamy Pop Video ‘Knell’

"Knell" Music Video (from the "Escape Emotion" EP) - ALBUM OUT...

IT'S FINALLY HERE! Today, "Escape Emotion" is officially OUT and available to buy on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify, and more! Preview the tracks and find the store links at PLUS here's the Facebook premiere of the MUSIC VIDEO for the first single -- "Knell" (dir. by Cotton Child April Choi). Show us some love by sharing!Credits: "Escape Emotion" is produced by Di Cha (AutoReiv) and Drew Krassowski (Kid Original). Written and Performed by Jennifer Zhang. Co-written with AutoReiv, Kid Original, and Mosaic. Recorded and Mixed by Glenn Suravech of Mosiac Sound Recordings. Mastered by Peter Doell for AfterMaster.

Slået op af Jennifer Zhang i Tirsdag den 29. august 2017

As someone whose creative boundaries know no bounds, from filmmaker and teen author to internet media developer to food writer, it comes as no surprise that when it comes to her music it works to the same high bench marks she has set herself in her other endeavours. Taken from the album Escape Emotion, Knell is a heady blend of modern pop, chilled dance, washes of classical texture and emotive ambience.

Pop can be many things, such is the breadth of ideas it carries but here instead of pandering to its more obvious elements, Jennifer Zhang works in its dreamier and more exotic climes, a place more about intangible atmospherics and subtle musical motifs than the bolder and blatantly obvious hook laden pop that is the generic norm.

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