Jecht_0 drops his single Right Past You: A rather intriguing piece of music

Jecht_0 has dropped his single ‘Right Past You’, this enticing piece filled with soothing vocals and incredible instrumentation.

Having this gentle beat of the drum as humming begins to take over, to introduce the rather unique vocals that are rather compelling to listen too. Adding in the clasp of the strings on the guitar, as the tone of voice begins to lower and the instrumentals cut through the voice, swaying in and out of one another and gradually getting louder.

Every part of this song is different in its own way, it has this overpowering use of the high-pitched hum that mixes in with the pluck on the electric guitar strings, the vocals begin to fade into the distance as the instrumentation shines again until it all comes to a rather smooth end.

Be sure to check this one out by Jecht_0, he really lets his impressive talent excel through this.

Listen to Jecht_0 Right Past You by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

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