Jay2trill – Raindrops: Prepare for a Flood of Hip Hop Fluidity

The first thing that hit me with Jay2trill’s latest single Raindrops was the absolute ingenuity behind the lyricism – the lyrics in the soft Rap bars run like poetry, and it’s painfully obvious that the sentiment comes from the soul. The up and coming Hip Hop artist’s bars flowed with a fluidity that isn’t all too easy to find with artists who are only just starting to find their feet. Yet with Raindrops Jay2trill proves that he’s got the style, flavour and rhythm to create a standout track which carries the perfect amount of bounce within the mid-tempo mix.

The DC based Rap artist created a perfectly rounded track with Raindrops, it’s as sweet as it is hot, on top of that it’s polished to absolute perfection. There’s the perfect trickle of Trap contained within the multi-layer beat which weaves progressively through chord progressions of amplified, romanticised R&B inspired Rap. With such stark ability and talent I wouldn’t be surprised if Jay2trill saw a short ascension to the top of his game. There is definitely always room for such poignantly orchestrated groove and grind on the Hip Hop scene.

You can check out Jay2trill’s latest single Raindrops which dropped in June 2018 on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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