Jay Man Sun – More Is More, And Then Some More.

There is certainly a lot going on in Jay Man Sun’s Turn Me To The Tide, epic rock, blues integrity, pop accessibility, Southern bar room boogie vibes and an energy and drive that is hard not to get carried along in. There is a cliche which tells us that less is more…Jay Man Sun, however, questions that with a decidedly more is more, and then perhaps a bit more track, detailed, dense and delicious.

 A slinky, jazz-infused, bluesy-Americana sound beats at the core, crunchy riffs pack a punch or just colour the space as required, pianos bop and boogie and an impelling rock vocal, often reminiscent of David Coverdale are the icing on the sonic cake. And if that wasn’t enough there is real lyrical depth here, flitting across scenes and scenarios, posing questions, seeking salvation and delivering the ultimate blues rock sandwich

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