Jay G – All Mad Here: A Riff-Driven Alt Rock Earworm

There may be many artists who pick up a guitar and join a band, but then there will always be those who can PLAY. With his sonically fierce debut single “All Mad Here”, Alt Rock artist Jay G definitely finds himself amongst the latter. I can guarantee that if you turned on the radio today, you wouldn’t hear a better guitarist.

Aside from the fretboard mesmerism, All Mad Here is a flawless feat of punchy Alt Rock carrying reminiscences to the likes of the Black Keys with their vintage sound. But I dare say that the dynamic tensile power of the soundscape from the Irish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist even makes their tracks seem a little dusty. It’s high praise, but you just wait until the riff-driven earworm hits your ears.

It’s also highly perceptible that Jay G had no intention of creating music which would neatly into constrictive genre labels. There’s Rock, there’s Funk, there’s Soul, There are shimmering elements of Pop Rock. But more importantly, there’s an overwhelming amount of magnetic energy which ensures that you’ll hit play on this track more than once. Jaw-droppingly sweet riffs don’t come around all too often, and we definitely have to make the most of them when they do.

You can check out Jay G’s single All Mad Here for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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