Jay Case – Maui: Hip Hop for Nihilists

‘Maui // WHY BE SAD’ is just one of the tracks off Massachusetts based Hip Hop Rap artist Jay Case’s latest album ‘nihilist’. As a card carrying nihilist myself it’s safe to say the concept behind the up and coming artists pensive beats weren’t lost on me. I’m pretty sure the lyrics to Maui contained a piece of Jay Case’s soul. The unrestrained flow captivated me before the first verse had ran through. Whilst Trap beats aren’t exactly in short supply, there is no one putting them out in the same pensively prodigal style as Jay Case.

Jay Case’s emo infusion to the urban soundscape worked surprisingly well. Most of the time crossovers can come over a little crass, yet Jay Case created the perfect cocktail of melancholy, gritty realism and hard-hitting beats. The inventive polyphonic beat sets you up for a blazingly fresh beat which packs in plenty of reverberant dubbed over bass.

You can check out Jay Case’s latest single ‘Maui // WHY BE SAD’ for yourselves by heading on over to SoundCloud.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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