Jaxx James – Your Mess: Pensively Piercing Indie Pop


If you want to check if your soul is still functioning, you can hit play on the deeply emotive Indie Trap Pop single from Jaxx James “Your Mess”.

Your Mess Kicks off with an acoustic guitar prelude which wouldn’t be out of place in an Elliot Smith record before Jaxx James’ pensive dampened vocals come in at the verse to spill the melancholy over the downtempo soundscape.

Your Mess is a stunning single which transcends the usual emo-rap which has been orchestrated with no regard to concordance. Instead, Your Mess is all too easy to slip into and be enveloped by the relatable resonance. For all too long romantically inclined singles have washed over the fact that we’re all a little messed up inside. But thanks to Jaxx James, we now have a melodic earworm which can become the soundtrack to our plaintive idiosyncratic romantic endeavours.

You can check out Your Mess for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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