Jasper Hill – Selfish Valentine: Up-tempo Pop-Punk

How are you going to play pop-punk in late-2019 and not sound lame? The answer is very simple; you do it like Jasper Hill.

Jasper Hill is an up and coming band from Melbourne. Their new song is called “Selfish Valentine” and there is an apparent early-Green Day influence – a band for which, the boys won’t hide their love. The vocals on this are artfully clumsy, formulated perfectly for a song like this. The music is, of course, up-tempo, happy, cute and invites us to dance along. The leading guitar riff works fine as well, the song’s chorus is easily memorable after just one listen and absolutely adorable.

Jasper Hill’s music can’t help but remind me of the era that teen movies dominated back in the early 00s, and how they were all full with this type of music. Innocent, fragile and always ready to rock n’ roll.

I love the vibe of this song. Jasper Hill please keep doing what you do, rock music needs bands just like you.

They shot a music video for “Selfish Valentine”, watch it here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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