JASHAR – Purple Leaves: Hip Hop with a Little Extra RnB Flavour

Detroit Hip Hop Rap legend has just dropped his latest Urban masterpiece with a little help from producer LoneBuddah to create a deeply resounding, on point mix. The wavy, heavily dubbed mix lures you in through the smooth intro and keeps you hooked through the snap snares of the beat around JASHARS flawless vocal delivery. It’s rare that you’ll come across a Hip Hop artist who pours so much Soul into his rhythmic delivery, especially when the lyrics are essentially ripping apart Gold/Weed digging women. I can’t say I’ve ever been as hooked on a track about weed before in my life, so, for all you 420 Rap fans, I’d consider JASHAR’s new hit essential listening. The lyrics translate to pure hazy poetry, even with the subject matter Purple Leaves comes out gleaming instead of your usual grimy Hip Hop which no doubt also has something to do with the perfectly polished production.

You can check out JASHAR’s latest mix Purple Leaves on SoundCloud, just don’t ask him for a freebie.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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