Jaonere ‘Redefine’s Soul with his banging new single.

Smooth, Motown-tinged R&B, contemporary yet with some serious retro soul vibes, ‘Redefine’ is the new single from Jaonere’s latest EP ‘All We Have Is Now’, and it’s really very, very good. Chilled, laid-back groove, intimate and thought-provoking lyrics, perhaps a smattering of jazzy Ghanaian Highlife influences in the rhythms, and a soft, soulful vocal, Jaonere delivers a stunning late-night soft, mellow track as a leader to the EP.

Janoere’s voice is creamy, fluid, and sleek, the lyrical content sensitive and contemplative, confessional almost. It’s a perfect blend of intimate and personal with modern, passionate and tender soul; it deserves a listen. And then another.

Hear ‘Redefine’ on Spotify; check on Jaonere here.

Review by Alex Holmes

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