Jamey Cummins – Maybe Chicago: A Debut of Vintage Indie Pop

Up and coming Indie Pop artist Jamey Cummins has recently made his much-awaited debut with the single “Maybe Chicago”. If you’re constantly lusting after a vintage sound with contemporary appeal, you may very well find a playlist essential with Maybe Chicago.

There may be a raw feel to the single, but never detracts from the potency of the sticky sweet melodies influenced by the iconic 60s and 70s sound, instead, the rough cut of the sound adds a tangible amount of warmth.

Even though the single pays plenty of odes to the pioneers of Pop, Jamey Cummins has made sure that his debut still unravelled as a compelling single which invites you to get lost within the psychedelic depths of the guitar-led instrumental arrangement.

You’ll have more luck getting superglue out of your synapses than you will forgetting the chorus to Maybe Chicago. So, if you’re feeling brave you can check out Jamey Cummins’ single Maybe Chicago for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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