Jakob’s Tier Release Rocking Track ‘Society’s Child’

Jakob’s Tier is a music project with a truly unique approach to rock and roll music and with a truly special approach on songwriting.

Recent single release, “Society’s Child” is actually featured within a full-length album release titled “Ernie”. This album features 19 tracks and it is actually a conceptual release where all the songs have a common underlying theme threading them together seamlessly around the character of Ernie, a lifer who has been suddenly granted a reversal of his sentence and is suddenly stuck with a cellmate for the very first time.

The song is particularly striking for its massive guitar riffs and pounding drums. This is an in-your-face rock and roll number that echoes the massive stadium-sized appeal of 80s Heavy Metal, but at the same time, it has the honest grit of punk and alternative rock. Think Guns’N’Roses jamming with Soundgarden.

The lyrics are thought-provoking and insightful, seamlessly tying in with the concept of the whole album. The song is a gateway to a story of society, but also about love, loss, and growth.

Find out more about the artist and listen to the music:

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