Jakob Leventhal – Gold and Glass: Melancholy Mused Aural Magnetism

Many artists may have taken the sounds of Elliot Smith, the Beach Boys, and the Beatles and used them to influence their own sound. Yet, very few artists can match the poignant style to the same degree to the point where the striking concordance resonates with every cell of your body. With “Gold and Glass” from his debut album “Oh, So Bittersweet!”, the breaking artist was somehow able to orchestrate a single which was striking at the same time as soothing. I’m painfully aware of how much a contradiction that should be, but anyone with a penchant for melancholically mused aural alchemy is sure to feel their soul rearranged to the tune of Jakob Leventhal’s single Gold and Glass”.

But let’s face it, each of the eight tracks from the NYC-based artist is as piercing as the last. With lyrics which run through like beat poetry, intricately beautiful multi-layered melodies and Jakob’s Leventhal’s vocals I’m not even ashamed to say I shed a tear listening to the progression of “This Love is Sarcastic”.

You can check out Jakob Leventhal’s latest album out for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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